Nick & Emily Zehner

Evangelists & Founders of Zehner Ministries

Nick and Emily Zehner were both called at a young age to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They founded Zehner Ministries after God had put a burden on their hearts for the harvest of souls. Primarily in America but also across the globe. They are graduates of River University in Tampa, Florida. Together, they train others and have personally led thousands to Jesus Christ. They have a call to America and the nations of the world, to win the lost to Christ and revive the body of Christ.


Power Evangelism - Soul Winning Training

Part of the calling that God has placed on our lives has been to train up other soul winners to go into the marketplace, workplace, entertainment arenas etc. and share their faith with the world around them

If you would like your members to be trained in how to win the lost do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are in the business to multiply ourselves to bring in the end time harvest. The entire body of Christ working together to see as many people saved before Jesus returns.